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About Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur


Rizal Avenue
Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, 7016

How to get to Pagadian?
  • By Air: One can reach Leyte by taking a flight via Manila or Cebu. In Manila you need to transfer from the international airport terminal to the domestic airport terminal for a direct flight to Tacloban City, Leyte.
    From Tacloban, buses or vans travel to Baybay also every hour, traveling time is approximately 2.5 hours.
  • By Sea: If your flight is coming from Cebu City, you can take a taxi from the airport to the harbor/pier – You can choose to ride a passenger vessel via Ormoc City or direct to Baybay City. Make sure to check the schedule of the boats before making a plans.
    From Ormoc buses and jeepneys travel to Baybay which is about a 1-hour drive
What to see and where to go in Pagadian?
  • Ride the Iconic Pagadian Tricycle
    Pagadian Iconic tricycles are the best way to get around the city. This is the only place in the country where one can enjoy tricycles which are inclined on a 25-40 degree angle.
  • Pagadian Rotonda
    A circular park on top of Bulatoc hill at the apex of the F.S. Pajares Avenue and overlooks the Illana Bay. It is at the intersection of the North Diversion Road and F.S. Pajares Avenue, two of the three major road networks in the city (the third one being Rizal Avenue). The park features a viewing deck, gardens, horseback-riding, and a refreshment store.
  • Dao Dao Islands
    The "Dao Dao" name is shared by two islands within the Illana Bay; thus the addition of Dako (big) and Gamay (small) to the names of the islands for simple distinction. "Dao Dao Dako" is the bigger island which covers 1.10 hectares and is a 7-10 minute ride by motorboat from the seaport. It has artificial coral reefs ideal for swimming, boating and fishing. "Dao Dao Gamay" is a sandbar and is partially submerged during high tide.
  • Muricay Beach
    It is just a little over 4 km from the city proper, swimming is allowed in some parts but is as yet largely underdeveloped. Mangrove and seaweed plantations are nearby.
  • Springland Resort
    A natural spring water resort, it has three (3) swimming pools and a fishpond. The resort also has a multifunction hall and a restaurant designed in Native Filipino Style.
  • Puting Balas
    Its name is the literal translation for "white sand" in the local dialect. It is classified as a white sandbar just five minutes via motorboat from northeast of the city seaport.
  • Lourdes Waterfalls and Hot and Cold Springs.
    These are natural hot springs in barangay Lourdes, about 32 km. northwest from the urban area. This is being tapped by the Pagadian City Water District as a water source for barangay Kagawasan.
  • Lison Valley Waterfalls is located about 42 km. northwest of Pagadian proper, in sitio Santa Lucia. The falls has a height of about 20–25 meters. The spherical basin, 20 meters in diameter, is ideal for swimming.
  • Ditoray Waterfalls is 14 km from the Pagadian poblacion and 5 km from the center of barangay Ditoray.
  • Manga Falls and Twin Caves.
    These natural attractions are located in Barangay Manga, 7 km. from the city proper. A two-layered cascading fall surrounded by huge trees, it is home to monkeys. The twin caves can be explored along the two-layered waterfalls. It is currently in the process of being developed as a tourist spot.
  • Kendis Cave is about 14 km from Pagadian poblacion and 5 km from barangay Ditoray and not yet accessible to regular traffic as the only way to reach it is through horseback. The cave has large overhead crevices with two interior chambers.
  • Mount Palpalan
    The promontory overlooking Pagadian City. Several satellite transmitters and signal towers of television stations and communication networks can be found on its peak. With a height of 684 ft above sea level, it has a sweeping vista of Pagadian City and Illana Bay.
  • Mt. Susong Dalaga is the literal translation for "Maiden’s Breast" for it is a nearly perfect cone, resembling a maiden woman's breast. It is located in Barangay Lourdes. Mt. Pinokis is located in Barangay Lison Valley.
What to eat in Pagadian? (Local Delicacies)
  • Binagol – is sweetened taro pudding with nuts. Binagol is a popular delicacy of the province of Leyte. Binagol is made from talyan (a root crop) mixed with eggs, coconut milk, sugar, butter, nuts and chocolate. The product is put in a polished coconut shell called “bagol” and covered in banana leaves.
  • Suman Latik – A delicacy made of glutinous rice (malagkit), steamed then topped with syrup made from freshly extracted coconut milk and panutsa or cane sugar chunk.
Local Festivals in Pagadian
  • Araw ng Pagadian- is celebrated every 21st of June in commemoration of its founding as a chartered city as Capital of Zamboanga del Sur. The city hosts the annual provincial celebration in September with agro-trade exhibits, a civic-military parade, cultural presentations and sports competitions.
  • Pasalamat Festival – is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January in honor of its patron saint, the Holy Child Jesus (Sto. Niño) which coincides with the feastday of Cebu City. It is highlighted with a fluvial parade (regatta), trade exhibits, the Mutya ng Pagadian beauty pageant, carnival shows and a civic military parade.
  • The Megayon Festival- is a week-long celebration that coincides with the Zamboanga del Sur anniversary in September. It honors the tri-people settlers: the Subanens BangsaMoro Muslims and Christians . "Megayon" is a Subanen word which means "Unity and Solidarity".
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Deluxe Twin/Mat 2 1540 770
Budget Family 3pax 3 1660 830
Deluxe Family 4pax 4 2800 1400


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