Baybay, Leyte: Halaran Festival

The month of October marks not just the approaching Christmas season, nor a prelude to All Saints and All Souls’ Day. For Baybayanons, October is the month of remembering the Holy Rosary, in a more exciting way!

Halaran Festival in Leyte More Fun in the Philippines

Halaran Festival is an annual celebration of the residents of Baybay, Leyte every October, for the main purpose of observing the rich culture and religion of the place. This festival is also observed in commemoration of the history of barangay Sto.Rosario.

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Halaran literally means “offertory” which means “a collection of offerings at a religious service.” The said festival is usually opened by a colorful parade and procession of patron saints. There are also several fun activities such as beauty pageants and food exhibits which showcases how rich Baybay, Leyte is when it comes to tradition and camaraderie. The Baybayanons also express their utmost gratitude to the Holy Rosary for an abundant catch of fish through this festival.

You will also witness in this special celebration how productive and dedicated Baybayanons are when it comes to their livelihood. Since barangay Sto.Rosario is located directly beside the seashore, the major source of living of the Baybayanons is fishing. Here you will have the opportunity to “take a peak” and taste the different fish dishes of the barangay.

After sunset, you will witness more life as the celebration continues through games, creative presentations of the residents, barangay officials, as well as some members of local organizations. Last part will be recognition and awarding for the winners of the contests lined-up for the event.

Fun and excitement as well as the rich cultural experience are the main take aways of attending the celebration. Not only that, you will also realize the significance of religion and dedication of the Baybayanons when it comes to their culture and livelihood. Be with the Baybayanons on this very happy and meaningful day full of celebration!

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