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GV Hotels in Camiguin 

GV Hotels Camiguin
Burgos Street Mambajao,Camiguin
+63 88 387-1041

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 About Camiguin

The pear-shaped island that is said to be “born of fire” in the northern tip of Mindanao has seven volcanoes but with only Mt. Hibok-Hibok remaining to be the active volcano.

Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin

Camiguin’s volcanic soil has proved to be a fertile ground making agriculture as one of the main livelihood of the island. Blessed with natural riches, Camiguin boasts of steep volcanoes, virgin forest, rare orchids, natural springs, waterfalls, pristine beaches and exotic marine life.

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Must See (Places to Go, Tourist Spots, Things to Do)

  • Sunken Cemetery – Lying 20 feet underwater are the remains of past volcanic eruption. Coral coated tombstones are waiting to be explored by adventure seekers.
  • Old Volcano Dive Site – A unique underwater lava formation divers will witness some coral-encrusted molten rocks that form a series of pinnacles from the bottom of the sea. These formations are surrounded by vibrant tropical fishes.
  • Katibawasan Falls – Measuring a good 256 ft. high, the Katibawasan Falls flow to a rock pool bordered by ground orchids, wild ferns, trees and boulders.
  • Mt. Hibok-Hibok – The only active volcano in the island, Mt. Hibok-Hibok offers great challenge to experienced climbers.  A great view of the entire island of Bohol can be seen from this point on clear days.
  • White Sand – An unspoiled white sand bar with the full view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Old Vulcan as its backdrop. The sand bar is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and just hanging out to unwind and relax.
  • Old Vulcan – Perfect for trekking, Old Vulcan is especially great to visit during the holy week where 14 stations of the Cross have been set up along the path where each stop give visitors a panoramic view of the sea.  The last station, the sepulcher, is carved out of volcanic rock

Food – Where to Eat

  • J&A Fishpen Restaurant – Known for serving outstanding fish dishes and excellent service. Customers can even catch the fish themselves. When available, get a table on stilts in the lagoon to complete the dining experience. Benoni, Mahinog, Camiguin. (088) 387-4008
  • La Luna – Serves authentic Italian pasta. The restaurant has a nice garden and offers free wifi access to its guests. Yumbing, Mahinog, Camiguin. (088) 387-9526
  • Paras – A must try in Camiguin, the restaurant is located inside the Paras resort and serves American dish.
    Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin. (088) 387-9008
  • Caves – Enjoy their excellent Kinilaw and other seafood dishes while admiring beautiful sunsets.
    Agoho, Mambajao, Camiguin. (088) 387-9040


Lanzones Festival – A major tourist attraction, the celebration is held every October of the year.  The Lanzones Festival is the locals way of giving thanks for abundant harvest not only for Lanzones, which is the major source of the island’s livelihood, but of other agricultural products as well. Houses, carriages, lamp post, and even people are decorated with lanzones and its leaves to celebrate this day.

Lively and colorful street dancing, an agricultural fair, indigenous games, and a cultural tableau in the evening takes place during the festivities

  • Dawit-dawit Ta Buaha – Done on the third week of October, this event is the offering of Lanzones two days before the Lanzones festival
  • San Juan Hibok-Hibok – A festival held in honor of St. John the Baptist and features different activities such as the coronation of Ms. Hibok-Hibokoan, spirited parade, water sport activities like boat race, aqua polo-sebo and water polo. The festival is held every 24th of June

How to Get There

Camiguin can be reached either by a ferry boat or a small aircraft.

If you are coming from Manila, the fastest way to to get to Camiguin is to get a commercial flight to Cagayan de Oro City. Take a bus or a taxi from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan Port in Misamis Oriental. This is the jump off point to Camiguin.

Direct flights are available to the Camiguin Airport in Mambajao from Mactan, Cebu.

Getting Around in Camiguin

Jeeps and motorellas are the most popular modes of transporation around the island and a round trip takes approximately around 3 hours. Jeepneys are mostly used for inter-municipality routes while motorellas are used more commonly used for short distance travel.
Fees can be arranged to hire a jeep or motorella for special trips.

Useful Phrases

Predominant Language/Dialect: Cebuano

  • Good Morning – Maayong buntag
  • Good Afternoon – Maayong hapon
  • Good Evening –  Maayong gabii
  • How do I go to <location>? – Unsaon nako paganhi <location>?
  • How much? – Tag-pila?
  • Do you speak <language>? Kabalo ba siya mogistorya ug <language>?
  • Basic numbers/counting
    • One – isa/usa
    • Two – duwa/duha
    • Three – tolo
    • four – upat
    • five – lima
    • six – unom
    • seven – pito
    • eight – walo
    • nine – noybe
    • ten – napu

Business Essentials

Business establishments that service the needs of business people are constantly changing and adding new players. Visit the Camiguin Business Essentials page by clicking the button link and see the latest business services offered.

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Camiguin currently is home of some of the countries top banks and  rural banks, most of these banks are regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). For more details click on the link below.

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Emergency Numbers


  • Provincial Director
    (088) 387-1052
  • Catarman MPS
    (088) 387-7017
  • Guinsiliban MPS
    (088) 387-4516
  • Mahinog MPS
    (088) 387-3031
  • Mambajao MPS
    (088) 387-0038
  • Sagay MPS
    (088) 387-6029


  • Camiguin General Hospital
    Mambajao, Camiguin
    (088) 387-1216 / 387-1256
  • Catarman District Hospital
    Catarman, Camiguin
    (088) 387-7002
  • Sagay Medicare Hospital
    Sagay, Camiguin