Cebu City

There is a wide range of hotels in Cebu offering different types of accommodations. Budget travelers, mid-class and first class travelers will find pleasure in seeing the selection of Cebu accommodations waiting for them. But specifically for the budget traveller, GV Hotels Cebu offer affordable room rates with all the practical amenities minus the additional cost.

Room rates can start for as low as Php 695 with GV Hotels which has branches in the following  Cebu locations:

GV Hotels in Cebu City

GV Tower Hotel
Osmena Boulevard cor. Sanciangko St.,Cebu City, Cebu
Tel. : +63 32 416-0000, +63 32 253-6518
Telefax: +63 32 253-6518

Other GV Hotels in Cebu

GV Hotels Talisay City
National Highway, Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu (Across McDonalds and Gaisano Fiesta)
(032) 462-2062

GV Hotels Lapulapu City
GY dela Serna St. Opon, Lapulapu City, Cebu (across La Nueva, Beside Metrobank Opon)
Tel. :+63 32 495-4388

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About Cebu

Also known as “The Queen City of The South,” Cebu has the unique characteristic of being the oldest province with the oldest city and the oldest street in the Philippines. Cebu City is the second largest city in the country with the biggest sea port and the second major air hub. Historically speaking, Cebu was where the Portugese Captain Ferdinand Magellan planted the Cross of Christianity in 1521.

View from GV Tower Hotel, Cebu City

A growing urban area with all the conveniences of a big city, Cebu City is known to have an abundance of natural beauty consisting of some of the world’s finest white sand beaches and rich waters, world class resorts and a very colorful history, making this city one of the most popular destinations for foreign and local tourists alike.

Arguably the country’s diving center, scuba divers find Moalboal, Sogod, Pescador, Santa Rosa Islands and Boyong Boyong in Mactan as prime dive spots. Word-class resorts dot the islands fringes, serving both divers and plain tourists alike. Modern shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, colorful nightlife, lively entertainment centers, including two casinos and sprawling golf courses, add luster to Cebu’s landscape, offering the tourist a surfeit of activities to engage in.

Visit Cebu now and experience more fun in the Philippines! There may be a lot of Cebu Hotels where you can stay at but GV Hotels provides the best value for your money. No frills, budget accommodation for the practical traveller!

Must See (Places to Go, Tourist Spots, Things to Do)

  • Magellan’s CrossSee the original wooden cross that was planted by Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan to signify the adaptation of Christianity by the original inhabitants of Cebu City. Take time to notice and watch candle sellers dance around in their effort to peddle you their candles.

Magellan’s Cross, Downtown Cebu

  • Colon Street – Walk along the oldest street in the Philippines and appreciate some aged buildings dating back to the American period. Stay until sundown and witness the street transform into a night market perfect for strolling and shopping.

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Food – What to Eat

  • Lechon – The famous lechon Cebu is the Cebuano version of roasted suckling pig. Known throughout the country as one of the best, lechon Cebu is so tasty that no other condiments are necessary. CNT Lechon, Ayer Lechon and Zubu Lechon are some of the more popular lechon brands in the province. (Click here for more on lechon Cebu.)

Cebu is known for the tastiest lechon in the Philippines!

  • SuTuKil – An acronym for SUgba (grilled), TUla (with soup) and KILawin (pickled in vinegar), this way of cooking lets you order fresh seafood and meat from the market and have it cooked in any way you wish.

Fresh seafoods await you in Cebu!

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Festivals in Cebu

Sinulog Festival

Viva Pit Senyor!

A very popular festival in the country, Sinulog Festival is celebrated every third Sunday of January to honor the Sto. Nino. If you plan to join the festivities, make sure to plan and book ahead as thousands flock Cebu city to partake in the all-day all-night vibrant street party!

How to Get There

Cebu can be reached via plane or boat but the more popular option for getting there is by plane. Major airlines such as Cebu Pacific and the Philippine Airlines have regular flights to and from the province.

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport is an international airport that is serviced by both local and international airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. But because the airport is located in Lapu-Lapu, travellers will need to arrange for transportation from the airport to the other side of the bridge where Cebu city is.

To get to the city, taxis and rent-a-car services are available within the airport premises.

Another way to get to the city is by boat. Nearby provinces have boats travelling to and from the city regularly. The Port of Cebu is where the boats come through. This port is in the straight that separates Cebu from Mactan.

Going Around

To get around Cebu you can choose to avail of several transportation options:

  • Tricycle or a multicab (small jeepney) is the simplest way to get to your destination
  • A cab or taxi is the most convenient way to explore the city. Be careful of taxi drivers who might ask for double the fare if they notice that you are a tourist. To be sure you are getting the right deal, always ask for the taxi meter to be used. Taxi drivers who insist on bargaining their fare can be reported to the authorities
  • Jeeps are the cheapest way to get around. Jeepnies are available 24 hours and can reach almost every corner of the city


  • Rent-a-car services are available. Visitors who know their way around the city may prefer to drive themselves around or they have the option to hire drivers to take them around.

Useful Phrases when in Cebu

Learning a few simple words in the local dialect or language can help you a lot when asking for directions to a place or maybe getting a better deal on an item you want to purchase.  Try these simple phrases.

  • Good Morning – Maayong buntag
  • Good Afternoon – Maayong hapon
  • Good Evening –  Maayong gabii
  • How do I go to <location>? – Unsaon nako paganhi <location>?
  • How much? – Tag-pila?
  • Do you speak <language>? – Kabalo ba siya mogistorya ug <language>?

Business Essentials

For people who plan to travel to Cebu’s 3 Major Cities on Business, the following information will be crucial to conduct your business effectively while your there. Click the links below for the city your are interested in.
Cebu City

Banking Information

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Cebu City

Emergency Numbers

  • Police : 166
  • Fire : 160
  • Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF) : 161
  • Department of Tourism : (63 32) 254-2811 / 254-6077
  • Philippine National Red Cross : (63 32) 253-4611